Particular attention is drawn to A Ship Cast Away About Alderney by Jason Monaghan and Mensun Bound; this is the definitive word on the work of the Trust; together with essays and studies by a range of specialists, this book contains a catalogue of everything recovered from the site before the year 2000.

Buy the book here: A Ship Cast Away About Alderney: Investigations of an Elizabethan Shipwreck

Numerous articles, reports and monographs have appeared on the Alderney Elizabethan wreck, many of these, however, contain erroneous material or obsolete thought. The following publications are recommended by the Trust for their largely reliable content.

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The following publications do not make any reference to the Alderney wreck, but contain useful background information.
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The following publications, reports and studies were used in the preparation of this website:

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